Who We Are

We are a refillery and minimal waste shop in Parkdale. We opened in October 2019 have been happily overwhelmed by the warm welcome — from within the community and beyond.

We aim to find greener, more sustainable, ways of living and help Calgarians see how simple this transition can be. We want to offer as many minimal waste household, bath and body, travel and daily-used products as we can — looking for recyclable and compostable options in all things.

We offer over 85 refillable products — anything we can think of that may be needed by our community. We strive to maintain the highest standard of all natural, chemical free quality in our cleaners, soaps and bath and body products. We are constantly searching for as many bamboo, silicone, stainless steel and glass options over plastic as we can find.

We have a full essential oil bar. Please feel free to bring in your little bottles and we can pop off the tops to refill! We also carry 5ml, 10ml and 12ml amber bottles.

 From handmade laundry detergent to whipped avocado butter salve, from top-quality bubble bath to all-natural yoga mat disinfectant, from baby lotion to refillable deodorant and tooth-paste — we want to do everything we can to for a brighter future on the only planet we have. We want to help you Do Your Part.