Dr. Theresa Tam, the top doctor at the Public Health Agency of Canada, said that Canadians can use non-medical masks in tandem with social distancing measures to limit the transmission of the deadly virus when out grocery shopping or at a pharmacy. That in addition to social distancing, and proper hand hygiene, wearing a cloth face covering can provide an additional layer of protection when out in public, and help to lesson the spread. We have shifted part of our local production team to bring you face masks.

Each mask is made from 2 layers of Bamboo cotton jersey with 2 elastics for ease of wear. They ARE NOT meant to replace proper PPE equipment in the fight against COVID-19, but meant to offer an additional means of protection when individuals are out in the community. Pippa and Peach do not claim that this product will prevent or cure COVID-19.

Each mask is locally manufactured by one of our local seamstresses, and then washed and dried on high heat and packaged safely for pick up or shipping. 


Bamboo Face Mask