As a company, we believe in actively ending racism. In lieu of the global situation — we feel it is of the utmost importance that we stand with those fighting for their rights, something that is horrifyingly overdue.We have partnered with Greta Jane Paper Co to support the University of Calgary's Black Law Students' Assocaition of Canada as they collect donations for Scholarship Funding.The BLSAC recognizes that the cost of law school is prohibitive to many racialized students. BLSACares has established a scholarship fund to help reduce the financial burden of a legal education.


Law school is an extremely expensive endeavor and every bit helps. BLSACares is proud to open scholarship applications to students who self-identify as black. The U of C is a new Chapter of BLSA that DYP Refillery is grateful to be able to support. There is no peace until there is justice. We need to be better, to do better and feel strongly about finding local organizations to do so. 


ALL money will be given directly to the BLSA's U of C Chapter.

We have a limited number of Prints and would love to see the funds donated quickly.


Please order online or drop into the store to pick your print up!