These bundles are put together by hand. Each will vary slightly as no two pieces of palo, dried sage or lavender swigs are the same. 

I have chosen these three energy-clearing tools in combination for their familiar qualities.


Start by opening a window (as many as possible) - begin with your sage, just a slow smudge.

Sage is for smudging your home from negative energy, 

Next burn your palo and use the smoke as an energy clearing bath.

Finally, use your lavender to sleep beside, bathe with the buds in your tub or, perhaps, mix with honey and tea to bring about serenity and love.


Sometimes (and sometimes more often than not) life can feel stressful and overwhelming. Use these bundles to check in to the present moment, to breathe deeply and deliberatly and to dedicate daily time to re-focusing your energy.


Striga Oryx


Bring The Calm Bundles