There is never a bad time to refresh, ground down and take deep breathes. I wanted to collect a bundle of incense sticks that manage inner and outer cleansing. Burning incense can be an easier way to smudge your self and surroundings for those that prefer not to use wrapped sage. I have, however, included Canadian-harvested, wild grown sage in each of the Cleansing bundles and cinnamon sticks in each of the Prosperity bundles.

Each Cleansing Bundle consists of 20 sticks:
Mugwort x4
Frankincense + Myrrh x4
Lavender x4
Blue Sage x4
White Sage x4


Prosperity Bundle consists of 20 sticks:

Blood Dragon x5

Blue Blood Dragon x5

Opium x5

Cannabis x5

Make sure to open a window in any room you are cleansing. Kick those negatives vibes out!

Happy Smudging

Incense Home Bundles

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