"I'm a  self-taught metalsmith. My work is built on an insatiable need to express myself through art. The creative process is something I have always loved. Before jewellery I worked in fibre arts, clay then onto paint, charcoal, pastel and installation work. When I found metal and minerals something just clicked.       

My inspiration comes from many parts of my life. Nature is always an abundant source I draw from in colour and form. My travels have also influenced my work a great deal. And at the centre of my work is my love and commitment to personal development and embodiment of one's truth.

I use minerals and metal to create an expression for the human experience. My hope is that my work will act as a reminder to you of the unique light we each poses.

Thank you for sharing in what I love. I appreciate you and your support wholeheartedly."



Naked Sage Earrings