Sit comfortably and relax. Hold your mala in your right hand and begin to pull the beads  - one by one - through your pointer and middle fingers. Begin at the tassle and pull towards yourself. 

With every breath, breathe in the aroma of your essential oil held in the lava stones. With each bead let yourself think of gratitiudes, positivities, etc.  Sit in this space and take time to marinate in a place of love. When you have circled back to the tassel you may choose to end the practice or go around again.

Malas absorb the vibratuons of the practice. The more you use your necklace, the mroe you wear it, the more positivty it will hold and reflect back.


Each necklace is threaded with 100% natural.

Each tassle is 100% nautral silk.

In between each stone is a 2mm clear quartz crystal, 4 lava stones at each marker point to infuse with essential oil ( oil included).

Designed similar to a traditional Mantra Mala (108 stones).

Drops of Gratitude Malas