Don't let your laundry stink like a soggy sock!

Pair our Dryer Balls and Essential Oil Blends to keep your laundry smelling clean and delightful, with natural, plant-based essential oils that are sure to bring a smile to your nose! And ditch the dryer sheets.

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Escape from the stress of your daily grind.

Relax and let the natural ingredients go to work, melting away tension and leaving you feeling amazing.

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Swap out your old dirty plastic brush and make a positive impact on the environment.

Turn your kitchen into a sustainable powerhouse with these eco-friendly Kitchen Brushes! These brushes make it easy to clean up in style, no matter how messy it gets in there! Who says saving the world has to be a chore?!

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I am Brooke, the founder of DYP. Did you know DYP stands for Do Your Part?

I came up with this idea in 2017 as my passion for the sustainability movement grew beyond my original business of making Wool Dryer Balls. I felt that if I could make the change that anyone could!

This sparked my urge to bring more sustainable options to people who typically wouldn't even think about making eco swaps.

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Nature Inspired, Earth Approved

Transform your everyday routine with our sustainable products for a healthier, happier you!